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2006 Brewers Association Style Guidelines

Major Style:Hybrid/Mix
Sub-Style Name:Flavored Malt-Fermented Beverages

These are malt-fermented beverages that are enhanced with a variety of flavors, either natural or artificial. A minimum 51% of the fermentable carbohydrates must be derived from malted grains, furthermore the alcohol in these products must be 100% derived from the natural fermentation of the product.

No distilled spirits in any form whatsoever are added to these products. Many of these beverages do not have any perceived hop character (and are most often made without hops). They are evaluated and assessed by their drinkability and balance of flavors. They most often do not have any beer-type character whatsoever.

Alcohol By Weight (by Volume):2-9.5% (2.5-12%)
Bitterness:10 or less
Colour:0-50 (10-100 EBC)
Original Gravity:1.030-1.110 (7.5-26 šPlato)
Final Gravity:1.006-1.030 (1.5-7.5 šPlato)

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