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The Manly Cup

The Manly CupIts said that competition is good for you. Competition involving beer -- well, thats just taking it to the next level. And when the competition IS the beer, well, what else could you ask for.

In the Spring of 2008, the inaugural Manly Cup will be held - just in time for the NHL playoff season. While the jugernauts of the hockey world compete on the ice, Beer will compete for the soon to be coveted title of THE MANLY CUP.

Six judges will put their taste buds to the test, pitting beer rival against beer rival... right down to the final tasting challenge a HEAD TO HEAD match up (who writes this stuff?) between the semi-finalists during the Stanly Cup Final.

The suspense is already killing you - I can tell.

And who are those judges? Well, that's a closely guarded secret - we must maintain the integrity of the competition. We certainly wouldnt want any of the major or minor beer companies to start trying to sway the results by offering any giveaway merchandize that the website could use for promotions or anything... no, that wouldnt be right at all... nope... thats for sure. (but for anyone who's still reading -- contact andy - at - icecoldone -dot- com for how you might be able to twist his arm)

"The Original Six Pack"
The Manly Cup Judges The Manly Cup Judges The Manly Cup Judges
The Manly Cup Judges The Manly Cup Judges The Manly Cup Judges

Who are these masked men? Wouldn't you like to know....

The 2008 Manly Cup Scoring Chart

-A-                   -I-
-B-                   -J-
-C-                   -K-
-D-                   -L-
-E-                   -M-
-F-                   -N-
-G-                   -O-
-H-                   -P-